Niall McCabe

New Single 'Valhalla' 
Out Dec 2nd 


I’ve been lucky enough to make a living out of music now for the past ten years writing and performing both in Ireland and abroad with some of the finest musicians in the country. 

Although I’ve lived in the beautiful county of Cork since college I’ve always longed to return home and have maintained an insistent belief that it’s here I would find all the greatest songs and ideas that I might have to offer. 


    In 2020 I finally got the opportunity to move back to Clare Island where I have started the process of unearthing these very songs for my debut solo album. With your help I hope that this album will be an important step on that journey as I feel these are my strongest and most personal songs to date. 


    Home is where the heart is, but also where I’ve have finally started to rediscover myself and my authentic voice again. I’d like to invite you to join me on this journey and with your support and belief I know that this will be a decisive step forward towards fulfilling this ambition


With this in mind, I’ve decided to start a Kickstarter Campaign to try and get this project finished and the songs given the energy and audio quality they deserve. Your pledges will go towards mixing, mastering and production of cds, but will also go towards the printing of this album on vinyl - a first for me and personally a very exciting prospect. In the event that the project gets over funded then all extras will go toward pr during the album release to help it get the furthest reach and audience possible. 


I want to sincerely thank you for your support and am excited to share this journey with you all:)


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