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Single out 2nd December

‘Valhalla, Nirvana…Heaven help me now!’ - The second single from Niall McCabe’s upcoming solo album is an uptempo invocation to the forces of nature and heaven that thwart the worldly road to love. The song is inspired by a tune of the same name by Irish nu-trad group Beoga who McCabe has toured with since first supporting Ed Sheeran in 2018. The result is an upbeat love song drawing on elements of Irish traditional and folk music which build steadily towards the songs exuberant conclusion. Shades of Steve Earl and Springsteen’s ‘Seeger Session’ in a song still thoroughly Irish, yet sure to rouse fans of any genre.

'...the strength of this song is already so clear within a few measures. We expect Niall McCabe from Clare Island off the coast of Co.Mayo will be added to your list of favorite folk singer-songwriter storytellers.' - Eliot Lipp (Alchemical Records) 

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