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Single out 4th November 2022


The first single from the album 'Rituals', Stonemason is a modern folk ballad inspired by migrant workers from the west of Ireland who went to build the streets and buildings of London and New York in the 1950/60’s. The song evolves around the loss, exile and self-denial of a lonely man who will never make it home again - and the slow realisation of his reality. Produced by, and featuring, Irish traditional musician Sean Og Graham the song feels contemporary while also capturing the earthy sentiment of classic folk writers such as Gordon Lightfoot and Richard Thomson. 

'...the strength of this song is already so clear within a few measures. We expect Niall McCabe from Clare Island off the coast of Co.Mayo will be added to your list of favorite folk singer-songwriter storytellers.' - Eliot Lipp (Alchemical Records) 

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